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 About WOW
  1. India

  2. WOW works with 400 widows who meet once a week to receive food, clothing and medical care. Together they can briefly escape their day to day struggles and make new friends.  Many have young children and by caring for the mother, we are helping the whole family. We also have a small home for eight destitute widows who would otherwise be living on the streets.  Our Mercy Home provides these elderly women with the care, dignity and compassion they deserve.

  1. Women of Worth supports vulnerable women in India and Africa and is part of registered charity WCM (1001691). Working through local churches, WOW centres have been established to help women to break out of the cycle of poverty.  Each centre is overseen by dedicated project leaders, pastors, social workers, and nurses. These centres  provide women with food, medical care, counseling, education, and business enterprise opportunities in societies and cultures which often ostracise women.  The aim of WOW is to restore dignity and hope to women, and to help them understand that they are valued and loved.

  1. Africa

  2. WOW works with women in the slums of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Living in appalling poverty and earning as little as £5 per month, these women are struggling to work and care for their children. Many are suffering with HIV/AIDS, and other diseases such as hepatitis and TB. WOW provides these women with food, education, medical care and business opportunities as well as friendship, counselling and support. In Uganda we are working in the rural area of Arua. Women work for long hours as agricultural labourers, yet do not earn enough to send their children to school.

  3. Many children are dying from malaria, yet the cost of a mosquito net is just £2.50. WOW is establishing a centre comprising day care facilities, a medical clinic and a residential home.

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